Beginner to Advanced

We do everything from Circuit training, HIIT, HIIT with step, bodyweight HIIT, HIIT with Dumbbells. We do enough to help you achieve your goals.


High Intensity Interval Training is designed to burn fat and build muscle utilizing both bodyweight and weighted exercises. The instructor will motivate you to move your body and execute each exercise within your specific fitness level. Fun and motivating music will have you inspired to do your best!

HIIT with Step

High Intensity Interval Training with STEP is a combination of bodyweight and weighted exercises utilizing the STEP (elevated surface). The instructor will motivate you to move your body with creative choreography and music.

Core & Booty Bootcamp

A combination class designed to specifically target your core and backside! Utilization of bodyweight, resistance bands and weights will tighten and tone your core and buns.

Bootcamp Circuits

A combination of cardio and weighted exercises designed to push your limits while motivating your peers in a dynamic group setting! Great energy and motivating music will help you reach your maximum potential. Let the gains begin!